Shared Purpose, Mission, and Principles Audit

Make sure you have the compass you need to provide purpose-driven direction and inspire meaningful actions towards achieving long-term goals

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Video Audit

You will receive one 20-minute video audit including feedback and tips for updating your organization's:

  • Shared Purpose (Vision) - Why you do what you do
  • Mission - What you do
  • Principle (Values) - How you do it

Re-Written Example

You will receive one re-written example of one of your principles (values), including ideas for how you use the principle in action.

What You'll Learn

The audit is designed for leaders like you who have created a purpose-driven business and want to make sure that they have clear direction, an inclusive culture, engaged team members, and decision-making guided by their shared purpose, mission, and principles.

How Your Shared Purpose, Mission, and Principles Support Your Business


Your Shared Purpose, Mission, and Principles support your business by...

Providing direction and purpose: A clear and well-defined shared purpose, mission, and set of principles provide direction and purpose for an organization by outlining the organization's goals, aspirations, and the principles that guide decision-making.

Creating identity and culture: Shared purpose, mission, and principles help create a strong identity and culture for an organization. They provide a common understanding of what the organization stands for, what it wants to achieve, and how it operates.

Guiding decision-making: Shared purpose, mission, and principles are a guide for decision-making at all levels of the organization. They help ensure that decisions align with the organization's purpose and values, and that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Increasing employee engagement and motivation: When employees understand and identify with an organization's shared purpose, mission, and values, they are more engaged and motivated. They feel like they are part of something meaningful and are more likely to work towards the organization's goals.

Building trust and credibility: An organization that has clear and well-defined shared purpose, mission, and set of principles builds trust and credibility with its people, including clients, team members, and partners. It shows that the organization is committed to its purpose and values, and that it operates with integrity and transparency.

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