CoCreate Work Intensives

Our CoCreate Work Intensives are 1-3 day focused and immersive consulting sessions where we work closely with you and your team, if applicable, to address specific challenges or an area of opportunity and develop strategic system-level solutions that allow you to take your business to the next level.

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Why an Intensive?

This Intensive approach allows us to help you get very focused and intentional about some of the key challenges and then identify systems-level solutions that work for your particular culture and company.  You will have full access to our expertise in culture, leadership, and business strategy to help you identify the root of the challenge you are facing, determine the right systems-level solutions, and to support you as you implement solutions and communicate changes to your team. 

Some of the challenges we’ve helped our clients with are:

  • Increasing trust and share communication across the organization
    Increasing team collaboration
  • Building end-to-end hiring strategy
  • Creating role clarity
  • Designing organizational structure (including the company org chart)
  • Improving internal communications,
  • Developing your team team
  • Providing leadership development and support

How do  CoCreate Work Intensives work?

We will always start with a discovery call to get to know you and understand the challenges you and the company are facing. Based on that, we will put together a proposal with our recommendations  for the Intensive including all activities and their purpose, pricing, timeline, and the follow up support you will receive from us. 

Your 2-3 Intensive days can take place consecutively, but will typically take place over the course of 1-2 months, depending on the particular focus, with dedicated blocks of time to create a distraction-free environment conducive to deep thinking and collaboration. Intensives require a high level of engagement, open communication, and a collaborative mindset from both us and you in order to achieve meaningful outcomes using our approach. And these can be in-person or virtual!

Types of Intensives

Shared Purpose, Mission, Principles

Our Shared Purpose, Mission, Principles Intensives are perfect for any organization that hasn’t yet codified and deeply embedded its purpose, mission, and/or principles into the organization. This intensive can also help if they are already in place but need to be updated.

Working Agreements

Our Systems Intensives are perfect for any organization or team that needs to establish shared ways of working. Working agreements guide and influence our behavior, decisions, and how you collaborate. They serve as a reference point to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of how you work.


Our Systems Intensives are perfect for any organization or team that needs to create (or update) a system…or 2 or 3! Examples include systems for hiring, performance management, promotions; creating organization structure; and so much more.

Team & Leadership

Are you looking to step into your next level of leadership? Is your leadership team ready for the future of work? Then this is the perfect Intensive for you. Or looking for something that focuses specifically on management training? We have another offering just for your managers. Click here to learn more.

What outcomes can you expect as a result of working with us?

Specific outcomes depend on the specific challenge and your particular business / culture, however, we always aim to provide systems-level solutions that increase your capacity as a leader / team, create better alignment across your business, and align with your particular purpose, mission, and principles. Here are some examples of client results:

  • A hiring system to align hiring with the team’s mission and strategy and to support a significant increase in team size (from ~5 team members to ~40 team members).

  • Company principles resulting in values and cultural alignment across the organization. The impact of creating and implementing these principles has been far reaching including: improved hiring practices resulting in a decrease in regretted attrition; a clear client selection process leading to relationships with clients who are aligned with the company’s principles and mission.

  • Development of Working Agreements to address challenges across a leadership team at a Fortune 100 organization. The working agreements provided clear expectations for how the team works together which resulted in improved trust, collaboration, and ownership, a decrease in duplicative work, and an increase in engagement.

  • A new management structure for a PR firm, including new manager training for those who were promoted to management positions within the new structure, which resulted in more effective management, better distribution of work loads, and increased engagement for team members.



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